Lasso of Truth

I am waiting for court to start and I already have a migraine. Truth doesn’t seem to matter to anyone here. The past few months have made me realize how fucked up the corporate world is. It has also made me realize that I hope to avoid ever working for a big corporation again.

You would like to think that the work you do means something, to someone other than yourself. If you put in effort and work hard you would think that you are not the only one that can see value in your work. Well, not only your work but also you as a person.

I mean we work to live. Some live to work. Only some people value the working class as real people though.

Damn it, Karl. Everyone really is expendable.

As I sit here listening to bullshit from the opposing lawyers I can’t help but think about the other night when I went to visit Brian and Liz. I loved being there with them watching Professor Marston and The WonderWomen. Which, by the way is completely fucking amazing movie and a beautiful love story. I highly recommend everyone watching it, especially those in a polyamorous relationship.

My mind keeps going back to Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth.

I mean how amazing it would be to have the Lasso of Truth for one hour so these dirty suits would be forced to tell the truth. To have to admit that they have done some foul shit.

Who am I kidding though, neither of these things are about to happen, Marxism at its finest.

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