Bad at Love

Dating in 2017 has been the absolute worst experience. I told myself on January 1 that i needed to run, run fast in the other direction but I was like oh well fuck it and I was late to work twice that day because of him. Yes, twice but it wasn’t all his fault, it was like being in love for the first time all over again. I should have never climbed in that back seat.

Since that day, I have been to court numerous times, lost my job, been robbed by a “friend,” lost another job from going to court, homeless for a short time period, unemployed since June, one boyfriend “cat-fished” me and then proposed to his long-time girlfriend with my ring, and another one had more girlfriends than Hugh Hefner himself and a baby on the way. When I say he had one on the way I mean it is December 11, 2017, and she is due in less than two months.Not only that but she lives within walking distance of me!

I have managed to dog whistle every POS within a forty mile radius of me, just in 2017. Needless to say that isn’t everything, I have plenty of shitbag stories to share but I am just happy that they are only stories and those shit bags are all in the past. One good thing is that through all of the lies, the betrayal, and a few orgasms is that I am learning more about me and who I am.

So my advice and outlook from dating every type of guy out there except a good one is to know yourself. Knowing who you are is numero uno on the priority list. This will allow you to avoid the year of hazing I have been going through because instead of climbing in the back seat and being late for work twice you will have already ran far far away. To know yourself is to know what you’re looking for in a partner and what you want to stay away from. This will not only benefit you in your dating life but every aspect of your life from friendships to career path. So get to know YOU and get YOUR shit together, once you do that you will win him over, him being the one that will complete you power team, celebrate your accomplishments with you, love your flaws because he will love you down to your core, and wipe your tears but never be the cause of them.

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