This page contains some of my referral codes for crypto (free money), passive income ideas, side hustles, freelance links, and possible part-time/ full-time employment.

Take the tokens, invest them, make more money with your free money. Heyyyy, just doing what Biggie said was the Brooklyn way and spreading the love.

Some of the links are little tests or reviews you can do in your free time or while you’re in the bathroom, I mean it’s 2018 and we all take our phones to the bathroom with us. I will also post some links to freelancing sites that can be part-time or even full-time gigs, that my friend depends on you. Some of the referral codes will result in me receiving a small percentage at no cost to you. I will only feature links that can be used to generate money.

I will post the links, codes, or sites but the rest is on you. (please contact me if any of the links/codes expire)

BitcoinSpinner: free gaming app that actually pays in crypto. (Again, free investment)

CEEK: Referal for free  Ceek tokens. (Free Crypto Investment)

Fiverr :The world’s largest marketplace for business services.

Ibotta: App pays you to shop.

Leapforce: This is also a way to make some extra cash in your spare time  Leapforce is a leading provider of search relevance services since 2008.

MVS: Murphy Virtual Solutions is a platform that offers a variety of work-from-home opportunities.  Referral code: 1776087

Storm App (CODE G299QF) : Allows you to claim free Storm Token (bolts) every thirty minutes. (Free Crypto)

TestingTime :TestingTime recruits test users for user and market research.

Circle Pay: Send friends this link and you’ll both get $5 when they sign up.

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