Our Poly Relationship

 Before Us

Before our poly relationship, I made a trip up here. When I was 12 or 13, I can’t remember when exactly, I went to Indiana with my family for Thunder over Louisville. I loved it then too. There’s something about Indiana.

Sixteen years later I am now officially a resident of Indiana. I came up here a few months ago to meet Brian and Liz. I talk about it in my other blog poly blog posts. When I would come see them at the beginning of our poly relationship.


Now I don’t even know how many times I have driven here or there. What once felt like a long ass drive is now a drive back home to visit. The drive gets shorter but I always stay too long. Really.. I like it here when I’m not homesick but I have never been this far away from my family. Some days it’s really hard. Typing it is even hard. It makes the knots form in my throat and fighting back the tears gives me a headache.

The Ups

I didn’t just fall for two people when I came up here. I fell in love with the city too. It’s not really the safest but it’s fucking beautiful. So, when my kids wanted to move here I was all for it.

They had a blast when I would bring them to visit. They even loved Brian and Liz too. So we started planning. I would search for houses and Brian and Liz would go check them out for me. They were more than helpful with it all.

Culture Shock

Things between me, Brian, and Liz aren’t what we had planned but they aren’t completely out of my plans yet. They have only ever known love and I don’t know how to love. So when I came up here things got a little rocky. Coming from a town that’s unincorporated and doesn’t have a single red light to here was a little bit of a culture shock.

The Downs

I didn’t know which way was which and I started to suffocate. I was spread too thin. They weren’t really suffocating me, it was everything. Moving two states away with two kids, trying to make a house a home, still give my kids a fun summer break, and make sure I didn’t neglect our poly relationship.

I was struggling. Constantly forcing myself to smile for my children, and make sure everyone got the attention they deserved. At times I had to fight the urge to cry because I was so homesick. There was too much pressure.

Our Poly Relationship

I moved knowing that we would all be closer together but I mainly moved so my children would have a better life. In a town with no red lights there’s not really too much for them to do for fun. Here there is something new everyday.

I don’t know what the future holds for the three of us or if our poly relationship will ever be mended. Only time will tell. Poly relationships aren’t easy and they take a lot of work. A triad is basically four relationships between three people. Seems like a lot when you think about it.

Regardless, I am still happy that I met them. I am happy to say we shared the things we have shared and I learned so much from them. It’s not often you see two people love each other the way that they do. Forever is rare and to them it comes natural.


Veto Power In Poly Relationships

veto power in Poly relationships

I was listening to a podcast this morning by Poly Weekly called When your partner is dating a drama queen. The podcast discusses a polyamorous couple and their agreement on their primary right to practice the veto power over their partner’s partner. The veto power in poly relationships can cause a lot of tension and stress. Since day one of my journey into poly dating, relationship hierarchy and veto power have both been major concerns of mine.

Vee’s & T’s

Some three person poly relationships have metamours. A metamour is  your partner’s partner. This kind of three person relationship would be considered a Vee. Polyamorous vee relationships are different from our poly triad relationship. Vee poly relationships consist of three people like triads but your partners aren’t romantically involved with each other. In a triad relationship all three are romantically involved with each other. Like my triad relationship with Brain and Liz.

Both types of poly relationships, vees and triads, might have primary/secondary relationships when you are involved with partners that have been with each other for some time. Especially with being in a triad relationship where Brian and Liz have twenty years together prior to me. Twenty years together makes it kind of hard not to have some primary/secondary hierarchy.

Don’t get me wrong. Compersion is still completely present. I love how they love each other in such a rare and beautiful way. I just don’t like the feeling of being so removable from the equation.

Cali Roots

My relationship with them is new. We are learning what works and establishing boundaries. Their’s has the roots of a Cali Redwood tree, completely beautiful and firmly planted. I am still processing it all and figuring out my place. My place with her, my place with him, and my place with them.  I like security. I like knowing I have a place. So them having veto power can be extremely intimidating for me.

Today a fear of mine resurfaced, maybe it’s an insecurity. The fear of not having a steady foundation, being removable, having weak roots. The dreaded veto power that can arise with primary/secondary relationship hierarchy. I say dreaded because I am on the non-deciding side of this veto gavel. I’m sure it feels a little  more reassuring to be the one with the veto power. That would mean I had firmly planted roots. In terms of stability and relationship equality, the veto power feels a little more like someone planted a Charlie Brown Christmas tree beside the two cali redwoods. There’s a slight difference. Poor Charlie Brown.

Drama Queen

The podcast just made me thing about things that hadn’t really crossed my mind before. Which is a good thing. Scary but good. Especially since we have kids. I don’t want our place in their life to be considered secondary. I don’t want it to come down to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The veto power seems to create separation within a polyamorous couple before there’s even a call to action. Or maybe I am just being a drama queen.

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Poly Doesn’t Mean Fuck Fest or Threesomes

Every time I talk about my polyamorous relationship with my friends they always asks about threesomes. For some reason they relate me being in a triad relationship to meaning that I am always having a threesome. That’s not true. Not completely. Of course the sex is a major bonus but it’s so much more than just threesomes and sex. Poly doesn’t mean fuck-fest and threesomes.

‘Mono’ Style

Not to mention we have one-on-one sex too. I have even read about some polyamorous couples that only have sex with one partner while still openly dating others. People can have polyamorous relationships where they connect with more than one person on an emotional level and have one sexual partner. There’s no rule book or Poly laws to follow. Not that I have seen at least. Like I said, poly doesn’t mean fuck fest and triad doesn’t stand for threesomes.

Well it could but I’m talking about my triad relationship. Even when it is the three of us in bed it’s an equally balanced intense desire that is shared. A connection that I have only had with them. My two favorite people. To call that a threesome would seem like I am chalking it up to a kink or a hookup.

You Mentioned Threesomes

Now that I am thinking about threesomes though… I do have to say that I never realized how enjoyable it would be to see my boyfriend having sex with my girlfriend. Maybe it’s how she looks directly into my eyes while he bends her over on top of me. I usually don’t like eye contact during sex but even the thought of her looking into my eyes like that turns me on. Makes me want to make that drive up there just to spend time with her. Maybe it’s the combination of eye contact with her and the way that Brian and I intertwine our fingers as we grip her hips in the same place.

Yin to My Yang

I’ve never experienced the feeling of compersion until meeting them. It’s nice. I admire how they love each other. To share this intense desire for one another and to be able to love them equally. To be able to talk to Brian about all of the things Liz does that we both love. Cussing has never been so fucking cute until I met her. She is the yin to my yang…cheesy as fuck but true. We are exactly alike in so many ways but opposite in some ways too. She tends to be sweeter than me and completely adorable in the sexiest way possible. Both of us are extremely shy and quiet at first but sex crazed for each other.

Liz is the woman I have been saying for years that I would end up with. Her hair color, her sense of humor, us being the same height, her personality and sex drive. She is everything I have ever said I wanted and would never let go of if I found it in a woman. It’s like I wrote it all down and all the words and pages came to life. She is more than I imagined though. She’s inspiring, compassionate, intelligent, funny, beautiful and sexy as fuck!!! The more I type about her the more I want to drive up there to see her. Now I am just thinking about humping Liz. I can’t remember the point I was going for when I started this post. Something about it not only being about threesomes and now I’m thinking about sex with my girlfriend.


I remember my first sexual experience. My first O. It was with a girl and O.M.G. I was hooked from there. It started with an innocent game of I’ll show you mine if you show me your’s. But why look and not touch? So of course we did, just a little tickle. Then we thought hey, we should see what they feel like against each other. Ever since then it has been by far my favorite thing to do. Clothes on and all. It is the most innocent kind of sexual act to happen with me and Liz. She called it ‘getting all high school’ when it happened with us last weekend. Even with our clothes on it’s still a one of a kind orgasm for me. My favorite. One that is ten times better when it involves my body against her’s.

Another ‘Poly Dating’ Blog

Our Polyamorous Triad

Polyamorous relationships are still new to a lot of people. Most people outside of the poly community  don’t understand what it really means. Like monogamous ones, our polyamorous relationship has boundaries and expectations that partners will stay honest to their commitments.

Every relationship has boundaries. No one said they all have to be the same. It’s just whatever works for you and the ones you love. There’s really no perfect ‘how to’ reference on how to model any relationship.

I don’t think it’s possible to go through life and never feel the slightest bit of jealousy. Even if you’re not a “jealous person” its still bound to happen at some point in your life. Even on some subconscious  level.

But what about in a triad poly relationship? Not in the relationship but outside of it. Is that okay? Feels like a contradiction.

Brian and I have called each other out on it twice already. I don’t even remember the topic we were on when it happened but it is a little confusing to me. I mean this is my first poly relationship.

I’ve never thought much about jealousy unless someone was outrageously jealous. I mean come on… in monogamous relationships you sort of expect your partner not to show certain levels of affection to other ppl. Hints the monogamous part, it still astonishes some people. So if someone is getting jealous about their partner’s ‘not so committed actions’ it’s not really a thing you have to stop and question yourself about.

I’m sure someone will read this and say but how can you be jealous when you’re in a poly relationship?

Yes, I’m in a polyamorous relationship. Our’s is a triad relationship not open polyamorous relationship, they are different. I don’t feel any jealousy between the three of us at all.

Some people date openly, some people date separately, and some date other people together. Sure that’s true for us too but within the three of us. This triad is also long distance and I can only visit for a limited amount of time when I do go so right now it is mostly the three of us. Once circumstances change we will do more stuff separately.

I just don’t think I could handle adding people into this relationship. Dating others others outside of the three of us seems so different than what we have. Like these are my people, two of my favorite at that, and I don’t want to share. We are human and damn it we feel shit we have no control over. These emotions also feel like I’m contradicting myself. Maybe it only makes sense because Brian has spoken in his ‘not so jealous’ voice a time or two also. So I don’t feel so bad about it when I do it.

Yes our polyamorous relationship is a triad. That doesn’t mean we can’t have boundaries and commitments that we deem suitable for our relationship. Some people can handle open polyamorous and I’m not saying I can’t or that I see anything wrong with it. I’m just saying… My ‘not so jealous’ subconscious feels like it might not be comfortable having that sort of polyamorous relationship.