I started this blog to help me get over some fears I have. Mostly the fear of people reading my work. Allowing people to read my work opens me up for judgement. I hope to become a published author one day so I have this major fear I have of people reading the stuff I write. It doesn’t make sense, trust me I know. I guess it’s because I can’t write fictional work. I’m not that creative or interesting. So instead I write about the shit that happens in my life. The good, the bad, the dirty, the fuck-ups, and the random good deeds to level out the playing field between good and bad karma.

So a little about me…I am a single mother of two amazing children who are deserving of a far better mom than myself. I mean they are truly awesome and funny as hell. Not that kind of fake laugh we do because it’s your kid. I mean that real deal belly laugh kind of funny. They get that from their mom.

I am also an English-Literature major with aspirations of one day being a kick-ass lawyer. I love to learn anything and everything I possibly can. I like meeting open-minded people and debating different topics. It’s something I didn’t have much of growing up down here in the “bible belt” that is the south. The breeding place for all that is Southern Baptist. I enjoy individuals that can have educated discussions on any topic regardless of whether our opinions agree or not. I do not enjoy assholes, close-minded people, “my way or the highway” mentalities, or demeaning behavior. The only kind of assholes I like are those that speak my first language of sarcasm. Those are my people.

Speaking of my people. This blog also talks about two of my favorites and our polyamorous relationship from the beginning till now. I was lucky enough to meet two truly amazing people, Brian and Liz. Both equally intelligent, sexy, and outrageously funny.

Aspire to inspire.